Literacy is most commonly thought of as reading and writing but it is so much more than that. It is the ability to speak, listen, understand, follow instructions, form symbols and draw. It becomes the foundation for many aspects of our lives from doing well in schooling, to socialising with others, to developing independence, to communicating our needs. The earlier we start building this foundation the stronger each child’s literacy skills will become.

At Kids Castle our children are immersed in literacy everyday through stories, puppet shows, songs, rhyming games, listening activities, drawing and writing activities and are learning many skills including:

  • Learning the rules of language including turn taking in conversations and maintaining eye contact
  • Increasing vocabulary
  • Learning how a book works including reading from left to right, front to back
  • Recognition of letters and sounds
  • Articulation of sounds and words
  • Writing of letters and words
  • Comprehension skills including retelling a familiar story
  • Singing familiar songs and nursery rhymes
  • Recognising and beginning to read familiar logos and signs in the environment (e.g. McDonald’s, restroom, hospital)
  • Recognising and reading familiar words (name on cubby, personal information, lunch menu)